What is General Surgery?

One in five practicing physicians in the United States is a surgeon, and general surgeons are one of the largest surgical specialties around. General surgery is at the core of every surgical specialty, and can include almost any organ or body system ― from the abdomen, head and neck to breast, skin and veins. A general surgeon is trained to assess and treat trauma, soft tissue wounds, cysts, abscesses, abdominal wall hernias, breast conditions, varicose veins and peptic ulcers.

At Mosier, Cobos and Chambers Surgical Group, our general surgeons have a central core of knowledge that embraces anatomy, physiology, metabolism, immunology, nutrition, pathology, shock and resuscitation, wound healing and intensive care. We are highly trained to perform general surgery examinations, take medical histories and make diagnoses based on the available information.

Today’s environment of advanced instrumentation and technology allows us to stay at the forefront of general surgery and perform the latest minimally invasive procedures, providing our patients with the benefits of less pain and a shorter recovery time. In addition to performing surgeries, we manage post-operative care to help you return to your activities of daily living as soon as possible.